• Madhvi

Solitude is Powerful

For a very long time I kept looking for my happiness in others. Day and night I just dreamed of people who would pamper me, protect me, love me and care for me. I always thought that I would give my every ounce so that I could receive love in return. I remember standing outside the door of my sister's room every night begging her to let me in and sleep with her. I was a very creative student and loved participating in every event, being on stage made me feel confident and alive. I always played roles for my school functions and competitions but lacked the involvement of my parents as they would never show up to see my performance instead would scold me for participating because they had to pick me up post the function. And slowly, from a kid being very outgoing I turned into an under confident and low key person. I considered myself so unworthy and little that I thought unless I beg I won’t get anything. In short, I kept letting myself down by disregarding my own potential. I always had a desire since childhood for surprise parties, gifts, attention and pampering. Always looking for love. Well, everyone fantasizes for such things but the catch here is that unless we stop looking for happiness outside of us, we won’t really encounter true happiness. It is upto us what we bring to the table. We need to stop waiting for others to do something for us because we ourselves are enough. Don’t wait for people to love you, no one is going to stay as long as you stay with yourself.

Solitude is the foundation of self love. When you spend time in solitude your connection with your spirit gets stronger and you start hearing intuition over fear, intuition is literally like seeing with the spirit. Your energy field becomes powerful when you stop surrounding yourself with the vibes that don’t really resonate with your frequency, you gotta choose yourself over fake company. When you are no longer around the people who drain your energy you are more connected to your true self and your intuition becomes your GPS. There is no longer any confusion as you start experiencing a deeper clarity in every aspect of your life. You start overflowing with love and because you are radiating love, you start attracting love. You can’t really love others if you don’t love yourself first. You can’t really understand others when you don’t even understand yourself. EMBRACE SOLITUDE!

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